Are you defending yourself?

Have you got your defences up & are they required?

When I filmed the video for this blog I was in China on the Great Wall, doing some altitude training, there were some really steep parts to the wall, so it was a good test for this! It’s an amazing, awe-inspiring place and somewhere I feel privileged to have visited.

History tells us The Emperor of China put the wall up to protect it from the Mongolian hoards, as well as the rest of the world, which served it well for a period of time. This led me to think about the walls we put up around ourselves, as individuals, and around our businesses.

barrierTo me creating boundaries and putting walls up around ourselves is something we do to keep ‘the bad things out’ and is linked with the values we hold in life and business. But in order to build these walls we need to know what ‘the bad things’ are – and of course they are different for everyone!

To me it’s all about values. By having clear values we are setting boundaries and building our walls, which is an essential part of business. Values are something that we stand for, something we don’t compromise on and often form the basis for what we recruit, hire and fire on.

We also need to know what our personal values are so we can set boundaries in in our personal lives. Ask yourself; what are you prepared to stand for in your relationships, in your life, in your personal development, in health and your friendships?

When building our walls we can’t keep everything ‘out’, it’s about knowing specifically what to keep out; what our limitations are in life and business. Think about what your great wall should be. In business, as in life, we need to identify our values and identify what we want to keep out as well as what we want to keep in.

The Great Wall of China is incredible, I love going around the world and I’ve built my business so that I can do this.  Think about what they built, it’s monumental, and what purpose it serves.

So, what is your Great Wall of China, what are your values and what boundaries do you need to but in place so that you can live the right life for you?



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