Are you delegating?

Delegation doesn’t mean giving lots of rubbish jobs to other people… it’s about having the right team around you, who love doing what you hate!

The question I have got for you today is are you loading a load of shit onto other people’s desks or drives without them knowing it or without you truly understanding it?

Now what do I mean by that? I love my gardening, a number of people around me know that. Around a month ago I had about two ton of shit dropped on my drive.  Now to most people – that’s a bad day, to me that was euphoria! I’ve got an acre of ground, which I love and I literally had two ton of shit that I could put around my garden beds.  You can see there, it is all poo, the whole lot is poo, that’s just one bed and all the other beds right around the whole garden has been laid down with it.

Now when I saw that shit on my drive I was delighted, my gardener was over the moon (she very much helps me with all of this).  You see this is what’s happening, you can actually deliver a load of shit to somebody and they will be delighted about it, because it’s shit to you but it’s not shit to them. This is what I am talking about, delegation.  Now for a lot of us in business, entrepreneurs, business owners etc. when we started off in business we had to do it all ourselves and because of this we had to put up with the shit along the way.  Over time, and business growth, often things are delegated down the line.  So, if you’re not a gardener and you’re standing there in the middle of London, you haven’t got a garden just concrete, and someone drops two ton of shit on your drive, that’s not good fun.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor me what is a shit job is Finance.  Now I love numbers because numbers allow me to gain clarity.  I love cash flows, they allow me to dial into business, make decisions and grow.  But, do I like in-putting it into the various accounting systems and all that stuff? – Hell no! Another example is events.  I know that when we run an event, I love turning up and being on the stage. Does this mean I love running the event? – Hell no! That’s why I have got a great team around me with great talent.  Now to me what would be a really shit job, is doing all the books and the accounting and financial control. Or running an event and checking in delegates and doing the administration, making sure everyone has got the right seat, that everyone has a chocolate on their pillows when they come away to our beautiful strategic retreats in the countryside – that stuff I hate! That’s shit to me, but to my team it’s gold.  They love it.

Now that’s not me being delusional, a lot of people would say ‘yeah yeah my team loves it’ – but do they?  My team is positioned around me to do what they love to do and what I hate.  So what is shit to me is gold to them.  That’s what we’ve got to talk about, just delegating shit out to somebody else who thinks its shit is not a good move, but so many people are doing it.  They are going – “Yeah I’ll just give that to Cyril down the corridor, he can deal with it.” Does he like it?  “No he’ll hate it too but I’m not having it, he may as well hate it because I hate it too.”  That’s not getting true talent, that’s not true delegation. We have got to find the people and surround ourselves with the people who love the jobs we hate. Think about it, as you delegate the jobs out, as you look around your team, as you start to expand your team, think it through.  Go “Mmm do they think the job is shit too?”

So there you go, are you just delivering two ton of shit onto people’s desks, or when you deliver that shit do they turn it into gold and are really happy?

A great example of this is my team. We have had to dial up our systems over the last two years and get really ready for scale and growth. Part of that was moving into a project management system called Teamworks.  Now we spent about two months researching the different systems out there that would work right for us. When we made the decision to move into Teamworks that meant having to build a system.  Now I love the strategic aspects of the system because it’s going to have this desired output and result.  Do I want to build the system, do I want to input into the system? – Hell no!

When we decided to go to Teamworks my Marketing Director Kelly and my Ops Manager Sara Beth spent the whole weekend going into it because they were so excited about moving into this new system. That’s what I’m talking about! That’s mental!  That is the shittiest job in the world to me but to them they love it, they geek out over that stuff!

A big part of this is about profiling and understanding profiles. But that’s another topic for another day!

So just think about what you are delegating, are you really just handing shit down the line to other people who think its shit, or are you getting the right people in the right role to be able to deliver and turn your shit into gold for you? 

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