Are you living for now?

Wow, what a few days I experienced in the Himilayas. When I recorded the video for this blog it was pretty much global news about the disaster that hit the mountain. There’s only one thing worse than an avalanche and that’s an earthquake, and I experienced 2 within 48 hours; something I never want to experience again.

But I survived and so many people didn’t. In the video you can see the ridge line where we knew that so many of our comrades lay dead, and in moments like that, you really know what life’s about. You realise how grateful you are for living now.

The one thing I will say to you all is love more. During these events the only thing running through my mind was my children, my friends, my family, my loved ones; that’s what it’s all about. I kind of wrote about that in my first book ‘Life’s Great Adventure’ but it took another stupidly big hill and a global disaster to smash the point home again.

Look around you guys and girls and just love more, before it’s too late. For me I knew that when I returned home my priority was going to be being a better Daddy.

I love you all. Take care.


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