Are you on the Hamster Wheel of Life?

Do you feel like you’re on the hamster wheel? This could be in business or in life.   It happens to lots of us; we spend each day working away doing lots of ‘stuff’ for our business and before we know it we’re on that hamster wheel unable to see a way to get off!

When I filmed the video for this blog I was on holiday with my family in Pembrokeshire, where I was born and bred.  It was really windy and I started thinking about being on a hamster wheel when I was in a zorb on the water trying to stand up! The guy at the park challenged me and said no one had got half way up the lake on that day. You know me (never one to turn down a challenge) I set to work trying to get from one side of the lake to the other. The wind was howling against me and each time I fell I just had to get on up and try again. But, it was futile, there was no chance I’d make it to the other side. The more I tried the more exhausted I got. It lead me to think about how sometimes, despite how hard you try, you keep on running in that wheel with the wind against you and that elusive goal just doesn’t get any closer!

Now what does that mean in life and business? Simply put if you’re going into the wind and you don’t have the right people round you, the right plan in place or sufficient funds to support you, you can be in a whole heap of shit and not even know it!

hamster wheelHave a think about that today; are you on the hamster wheel and is the ‘stuff’ you’re doing the right ‘stuff’? Think about the ‘flow’, are you pushing against the wind, against life and business, working really hard but not going anywhere?  Sometimes knowing what’s really important and going with the flow and taking the natural energies in nature can be really important. Mother Nature is one force not to fight (as are many of the other laws in the universe!) I think so many of us are trying to fight against these natural laws and this is why we don’t get anywhere.

So if you want to take a step off that hamster wheel think strategically; what are the important things in life? Take a good hard look around you, think of your life and your business and work out if you are going with the flow or pushing against the wind. If it’s the latter turn the other way! You don’t have to be a sheep following the crowd, you can still be an individual but trying to force the issue will just lead you to be stuck in that wheel.

So, think strategically, get off that wheel and go your own way!



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