Are you truly living?

The question I’ve got for you today is are you truly living? And what are you prepared to die for?

That’s quite a sobering question really and when I recorded the video for this blog I was feeling very emotional. You can see behind me the graveyard of Basecamp on Everest. The Mother Goddess is standing behind the clouds. Every single stone you see is a memorial to someone who has died on the mountain, someone who died living their dreams, not afraid of pushing the boundaries.

Now a lot of you may think that’s stupid, and a lot may think it’s unnecessary, but to these people it mhAUVGGwasn’t. I’m not here to die, I’ve got too much to live for, but I’m also not prepared to live without living for me. Many people look at me as a risk-taker, where as in reality I am a risk-mitigator.  So much stuff we did whilst we were on the mountain like the choice of guides, and the choice of weather, and the choice of kit has actually DE mitigated the risk of what we do. There’s still a risk, there always is and it’s very sobering as I pay my respects to those who have paid the ultimate price of living their dreams. Every single person paid the ultimate price in the end, but I can tell you this, that every single person here was living fully when they did so.

That’s all I ask of you, are you living fully? I’m not prepared to go out with a life of mediocrity. I’m here to push it to the edge safely, as safely as I possibly can, but to live life fully whilst I’m still here.

So, are you living for now? That’s all I’m asking…

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