Are you Celebrating your Successes?

Do you know what you are aiming for & what will you do when you reach it?

I’m so excited to be recording this blog from a bucket list destination of the Forbidden City in Beijing! And I want to challenge you by asking are you setting milestones in your business journey and taking some time out to enjoy it when you reach them?

If you watch the video you will see it’s an absolutely stunning place. We had just started our Expedition to Everest and decided to take a day out in Beijing, so we could see a few of the sites. It’s so easy to get fixated on one goal and miss things on the way if we’re not careful.

I think this is so important in business especially as entrepreneurs who are so focused on goals, targets and product launches, that they actually forget to take some steps along the way to enjoy it. Stop for a moment, take a breath and see what you are building along the way.  This same thought process could be applied to life; no matter what you are embarking upon it is important to create magical moments and enjoy them!

Take a look at what ever you’re fixated upon at the moment, what’s your big goal? What’s your big dream? What’s your big vision? Whatever it is break it right back down, yes you have to do the first steps but also put some milestones in, that will really motivate you to carry on to the next part of your journey.


Love it! This is why we went to Disneyland last week. I left my phone in the car and had great day! Eat loads, my husband won me some cuddly toys, danced with the Disney characters and traded pins up a storm! Celebrate!!


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