BBC Interview as Worlds Highest Dinner Party Abandoned

“In the light of the tragic events unfolding in Kathmandu and on Mount Everest, we have decided to abandon our World’s Highest Dinner party attempt and are returning to Base Camp.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this disaster and we will continue to raise funds for the charity Community Action Nepal.”

You can hear more about the World’s Highest Dinner Party teams progress by listening to the interview with Neil Laughton, part of Deri’s team & Dee Sebastian from the BBC.

Listen Here for the BBC Interview EVEREST DINNER TEAM


Life can sometimes throw us a curveball but the people who are in Katmandu are there to help the climbers achieve their dreams. I have no idea how many are in Deri's team out there but this is an admirable opportunity for them to give back and help with the rescue especially as the news is that what they need most is people (climbers are usually strong and healthy) and supplies to help get them back on their feet. The team could help the people of Katmandu achieve their goals i.e. to get a roof safely over their heads. Raising money is great but they need physical help right now to help them overcome this terrible destruction and loss of life. I hope they stay to help.

[...] “Em abril de 2015, uma expedição britânica vai tentar subir o monte Evereste pelo lado Norte”. Objetivo: “Tentar quebrar o recorde mundial do Guinness para a ‘dinner party’ formal no local mais elevado” do planeta. Era esta a missão, que tinha um caráter solidário, como se pode ler no site da iniciativa “Everest 2015 Summit Climb & Highest Dinner Party”, mas “à luz dos acontecimentos trágicos” ocorridos nos últimos dias em Katmandu, no Nepal, e no monte Evereste, onde o tremor de terra provocou uma série de avalanches, os ‘alpinistas’ decidiram suspender a iniciativa e “regressar ao acampamento de base”, como dá conta Neil Laughton, um dos participantes, numa entrevista à BBC Internacional. [...]


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