Do you have permission?

Are you busy doing rather than busy being?  When was the last time you indulged in yourself?  As entrepreneurs, we are all striving for the targets and goals but today I want you to reflect on whether you are enjoying the journey along the way.

When I filmed the video for this blog I was up around 4000 metres at the highest point in Tibet and I want to dedicate it to my good friend Priya Kapoor, as in her words, I really want to urge you to ‘give yourself permission’. 

I was thinking about this whilst walking around the monastery of Tashi Jong Po, which is about 700,000 metres squared and surrounded by prayer drums that circle the entire monastery – it is absolutely incredible. People come here every day and walk the entire circuit.   What a wonderful daily habit to spend 45 minutes reflecting, getting exercise, and having a bit of ‘you’ time (although being up at 4000 metres isn’t easy!)

As I walked around touching all the prayer wheels I began to notice the people walking by, they were all having little moments to themselves (which can be hugely spiritual) and they were all getting exercise at the same time, bargain!

permissionSo today I want you all to think about giving yourself permission to spend time on you. Priya’s book ‘Give yourself permission’ is a great handbook for anyone that this message is resonating with who wants to find out who they are, what they love & how they can allow themselves to be that person daily.  I love her work and I love her as a person, please check out Priya’s work. 

Ultimately start taking time for yourself; what’s your daily ritual, when is your ‘you’ time?  I think we are all so busy (especially as entrepreneurs) getting everything out there and trying to please everyone else that we don’t take time for ourselves. I urge you to please think about this

So go… give yourself permission today.

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Thanks for making this... I am floored... It really touched my heart.. Anyhow, looking forward to interviewing you today for the GYSPermission Magazine!


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