Do you have visibility of your cash flow?

How many times has there been more month left at the end of your money?  Cash flow is one of the top killers of all small businesses, and recently I had to ensure mine was fully up to date, In order to go away to Everest for two months… and it simply took visibility & clarity.

People have asked me ‘how can you take two months out of your business? That’s impossible!’ Now, don’t get me wrong there are a number of areas to be considered, but one of the big ones is cash, and visibility is crucial.

The question I have for you today is; how confident are you with your cash flow over the next three to six months? When I say ‘confident’ I mean… can you be over 50% sure of the sales during this time, do you know where your leads are coming from, your conversion rate & is your funnel full in case things don’t turn out as planned?

In order for me to take two months out of my business I needed to have the right team in place, as well as the right systems; a sales processes that happened without me and an automated marketing process. I also needed clear cash flow; I couldn’t just walk away, especially when the businesses are growing. Out of the four businesses I have, three are going through rapid growth (one of them is brand new!). So if you are under the thought process that growth = happiness + success, you are delusional! Growth means hungry cash. In order to sustain growth you need to keep feeding the machine, which means you have to be dialled into your cash!

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One of the key things that give’s me peace of mind when I go away is total visibility on my cash flow. Now in order to have cash flow you have to have systems that give you visibility. Cash flow is dynamic, it changes constantly, a lot of people don’t understand this which is why we have launched the Cash Academy as people tend to think it’s to do with how much is sitting in the bank or what’s left at the end of the month; and there is so much more to it.

Whether you are new/need to learn more around cash or are more experienced, ask yourself if you are confident in your systems. What are the accuracy levels? Does the month always turn out as you planned or are there surprises along the way? It is very important to have the sales feed on cash flow (this pipeline is very important!).

People say to me ‘Deri I can’t see the next three to six months, my business is different I can only see a week or so ahead’ – I will challenge this! I haven’t seen a business yet that we cannot work out cash flow and pipeline and predict what is going to happen. Some of this is based on historical trend but most people just don’t know how to build pipeline and if you don’t build pipeline you don’t have a live sales feed coming in, which means your cash flow is meaningless.

I can promise you that if you go away and take time out from your business, it will be the cash and people side that worries you the most. It certainly worries me the most! I have a good team in place (especially in finance) I have great support over financial control along with the book keeping/accountants/tax advisers, so I know I’m in good hands. I know there are no surprises coming such as tax and expenditure. This is all because I have the right team, the right systems, and I understand cash and cash flow. It gives me piece of mind that allows me to go away and do the things that I do, knowing that everything is okay and nothing will collapse while I am away.

I encourage you to really think this one through, if you don’t understand what I am saying then we have just launched the Cash Academy, which I really encourage you to take a look at. Cash is the life-blood of every business, you need to understand it and have visibility. This is what allows us as business people to make decisions, enabling speed and growth. Remember, this is even more pertinent if you have delegated it to someone else.

So if you want to go away and have full peace of mind, dial-in to your cash flow!

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