Excitement and fear on Everest basecamp

When was the last time you got out of your comfort zone?  Are you pushing at the edges of fear?  As many of you know growth comes with fear… and OMG did I experience that recently on Everest!?!

When I recorded the video for this blog we had travelled thousands of kilometres across China, thousands of kilometres across Tibet, and were 5200 metres up at basecamp, Everest North side.  In the video your can see the mountain, the Mother Goddess herself. When I first saw this I had a moment of wonder and awe, and then a moment of fear at the same time because we were climbing up it! You can see the highest point, as you come down to the left, is the North Ridge, two steps, another little jaunt and then up to the top – that’s where we were heading! Now, that’s amazing, that’s exciting, but it’s also pretty scary too. But that’s the thing with life, that’s the thing with business; we get to pivotal moments where if you’re pushing the boundaries, you’re pushing the edge of anything in life or in business, then you get those moments where it’s exciting, you’ve got a chance to grow, you’ve got a chance to do something amazing – and with that comes fear.

I’m not going to hide that from you, I was scared a lot of times along the way, a lot of times in the preparation, and when I looked up at the mountain I felt wonder and fear at the same time. And that’s healthy, I should be scared of her because she’s bloody dangerous!

So whatever you’re doing out there, no matter what you’re pushing the boundaries of, understand that fear’s just part of it, and we’ve got to push through that to truly make those magic moments in life.

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