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If you are running out of time & money and losing your passion for business, it's probably because you don't like financial or people management! 

If you've hit a ceiling in your growth & can't seem to move beyond a certain point, it's likely that your operations, sales & marketing systems aren't automated.

So here is your chance to learn directly from me how to fix these problems, and follow the step-by-step guidelines on how i've helped hundreds of business owners to create the RIGHT business for them, whilst planning it on just 1 simple page of A4.

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Business Plans are Dead

Know why you shouldn't be wasting your time & energy on them & get your entire strategy on just 1 page!

Ensure you are Building the RIGHT Business

Build the lifestyle & income that you deserve and stop creating a monster business that steels your freedom

Discover Your Business Blindspots

Overcome the two factors responsible for 90% of business failure

Create a Self-Managed Business

Design a team who love what they do, know exactly what their targets and responsibiilites are and hold themselves accountable!

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This book is generously written and produced. It contains wonderful depth ... on how to make strategy simple.

- Daniel Priestley

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This strategy on a page tool gives you the ability to track accountability and hold yourself and your management accountable to Key Actions and KPIs.
I can not recommend this book highly enough to small business owners!

- Tom Bausemer

Yes I want my FREE copy!

About the Author

Speaker, Bestselling author, CEO and advisor to hundreds of businesses, Deri Llewellyn-Davies, AKA 'The Strategy Man' lives a life of adventure and daring, both in business and in life.

In a career spanning two decades, he has seen the inside of the board room from many angles, through four billion dollar companies up to European board level, whilst also having run 20 of his own small businesses, advising over 250 and speaking to thousands. 

Deri knows that whatever issues businesses are facing; from funding shortages to management fall-outs, redundancy to bankruptcy… he’s personally been there and got the T-Shirt.