Deri’s passion for supporting business growth and enabling people to follow their passions isn’t just with the SMEs. He advises and works with many charities to help them with their strategy.

For many years now, Deri has sat on the advisory board for Global Angels, a charity that helps children worldwide in many disciplines, and is a passionate supporter of the 100% promise, where 100% of what is donated is given to the children & not swallowed up by admin/labour costs. In addition he proudly advises and endorses the Rainmaker foundation and a new super star in the making, which is secret – shhhh will be announced soon!

Deri’s own children and leaving a legacy are his greatest passions. That’s why when he wrote his book ‘Life’s Great Adventure’ he dedicated all of his author’s profits to the charity Global Angels

ggivingback-post-2You can support the charity by becoming an Angel and donating on the Global Angels website, or you can buy a copy of his book here

Deri is currently working with some amazing individuals to create a platform to inspire primary school children through great adventures. He is actively speaking in primary schools and this project will be full announced later in the year…

… Super exciting times!!

Live, Love and Leave a Legacy!