No Regrets

Ask yourself, do you live a life with ‘no regrets’?  This is a big mantra for me and something I live my life by.  If something awful happened to you tomorrow would you regret anything and do you feel that you have lived fully?  It’s important to sometimes take time out to reflect on this, so you aren’t just busy being busy.

Right now I am preparing for my trip to Everest, and this has led me to asking myself some serious life questions. I’m going to one of the most dangerous places on earth and there is always a danger when doing these things that I (or a team member) could be seriously injured or even die. Now I don’t say this in a morbid fashion, it’s simply a fact.

Extreme pursuits and adventures have been a big part of my life for a decade, because when I first asked the question ‘Have I lived a life of no regrets’, I didn’t like the answers I got! I had my head down focusing just on business, I realised that adventure was one of the things that I would regret not fulfilling properly if I had died. I would have regretted not exploring the world and what it has to offer.  After identifying this, I worked hard over the past ten years to make adventure a theme in my life.

I want you to think… are you being sucked into your business, or sucked into your career, do you feel that you are so busy that you lose the point and purpose of what you’re doing?  These are hard things to think about and areas I encourage you to spend some time on.

everestEverest has been one of the biggest decisions of my life; I have three beautiful children, three amazing businesses and a beautiful wife. I have everything I could desire – I am blessed.  However, I found myself asking ‘surely this should be enough for me?’ The answer was that I know in my DNA I’m am drawn to adventures, it’s one of the reasons why I was put on this planet. It is a hard thing to explain, and something that I might be able to do more comprehensively when I return from Everest, but for me it’s about living with no regrets. So if something were to happen to me, I have lived my life fully and given it my all.

So I ask you to contemplate; if this was your last week how would you live it? Is there anything you would regret? If there is, go to work on it and start by taking some mini steps to changing it. I made the decision a decade ago to do this and I have been taking mini steps towards it ever since. When I lost my father, he died with his dreams intact, and I swore that I would never make that same mistake and that I would live life fully while I was here on earth.

In order to encourage you to do this, as a pre-Everest gift, we are giving away my first book ‘Life’s Great Adventure’. This book was written as my legacy to be passed down to my children and it’s something that is truly personal to me. It’s my gift to you and it enables you to discover your life’s purpose & how you can live life to your full potential.

no regrets


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