Prepare for the unexpected

My question for you today is ‘Are you prepared for the unexpected?’

When I filmed the video for this blog I was on a train from Beijing to Lhasa, which is a two-day/two night journey.  Now what happened a week after this footage was the least unexpected thing… the biggest earthquake in Nepal for years & us being stranded on Everest after the avalanches!

However, if you watch the video you can see we were travelling up at about 4500 metres! It’s the highest train in the world, and at one point during the night we went to up to 5000 metres.  It travels so high that there is even oxygen is in the ceilings of this train; this is something that even we weren’t prepared for! I’m not sure what I had in my head (probably something more like the Orient Express meets First Great Western) but it wasn’t what we had in reality! From the moment we boarded we had a bit of adversity; I filmed in the aisles between the cabins where we also had to store our kit. We had half a tonne of luggage and the train simply wasn’t built for it. The cabins were also a lot smaller than expected, there was no food available (so I ate a lot of my expedition food) and there was no toilet roll in the toilets (I hadn’t planned for that!).

Hurricane Natural Disaster as a Art BackgroundIn business, as in life, whether planning a fitness, relationship or business activity, sometimes plans don’t kind of work out the way we thought they would! Sometimes no matter how much we plan and how much we think we know is coming our way, we simply have to be prepared for the unexpected.

So what’s the solution?  Have solid foundations to ground you, know your purpose & vision to keep you focused in the right direction and be flexible!  Change is the only constant, and people who capitalise on new opportunity are those who are open to new ways of thinking, new systems, new technology but who have also build operations & budgets that have flexibility.

No matter what your journey, no matter what you’re doing – prepare for the unexpected – because you don’t know what’s going to happen…. we are liven proof after this recent adventure!



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