BGI Strategy on a Page™ Book

This book is not a one-time read. It will be your compass and constant companion as your business evolves. Unlike most books on strategy, this is highly engaging, as it combines theory with case studies and is filled with images and practical exercises. It asks incisive questions to help you get to the heart of what your business is about and where you are headed. It ensures that you align with your values (a common source of problems in finding the right people both in terms of staff and customers), and it holds you accountable. When you purchase this book you will also receive bonus items in all of the 5 key areas of business; sales, marketing, operations, finance & HR. Click here to find out more

Price: £24.99 + vat
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BGA Cash Academy

7 online modules for business owners who need to understand the numbers in their business.  Covering everything from profit & Loss documents to Cash flow forecast explanation.  You don't need to have any prior understanding of finance, but after accessing these modules & the practical templates you will be able to grow the cash in your business.

Price: ££197
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BGI Strategy on a Page™ eBook

For the Business Owners who prefer to read via a tablet, we have created an eBook for your convenience. This eBook has been designed to be highly illustrative and is therefore available in a pdf so it can be viewed on various devices.

Price: £14.99
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BGI Strategy on a Page™ Audio Book

Perhaps you prefer to listen to books rather than read, perhaps you like the added support of being able to hear someone talk you through the process of BGI Strategy on a Page™. Or perhaps, you are a busy Business Owner who likes to use their commute time working on your business or personal development - we have created an Audio Book for you.

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Strategy on the Wall Chart

A1 sized wall chart for you to visibly display your strategy on the page for your whole team to see in the office (which extra space to write your team tactics)

Price: £25.00 + VAT
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BGI Strategy on a Page™ App

The BGI Strategy on a Page™ APP is without a doubt an incredibly powerful business tool for when you are on the move and keeps you completely in control when you can’t be at your desk. It also makes sure that you stay on top of everything with its topical reminders when things need to be checked or measured. It helps you to hold yourself to account, and kicks you in the ass when you don’t. It also has the advantage that it can scale across multiple people in their business using the accountability sections. You’ll be amazed how sophisticated and powerful a tool it is! Accountability is an essential aspect of business success and it has been the biggest driver for us in creating the BGI Strategy on a Page™ Application, for those who can’t afford true accountability through coaches or consultants. Everybody needs a mentor, everyone needs to be held accountable in business in one way or another, even Bill Gates has a mentor. Discover how Business Strategy has joined forces with modern technology with the BGI Strategy on a Page™ Application, and as it is cloud based you will be in control of your business & your teams production from your tablet or computer anywhere in the world.

Small Business (1 Page): £47.00 + vat/year
Medium Business (5 Pages): £147.00 + vat/year
Large business (10 Pages): £247.00 + vat/year
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BGI Super Congress Online Access

So you're an entrepreneur, business owner, CEO, M.D or indeed a senior level aspiring to these roles... ...Ask yourself this question: 'Do you have a crystal clear STRATEGY for this year, and more importantly are you executing it?' Then dive deeper by questioning if everyone in your company is clear on their roles and how they relate to the company's strategy. Have you got clear lines of accountability for yourself and your team? Finally, and be honest, tell me honestly, is strategy fun, dynamic and exciting? If not then you are in the right place... The BGI Super Congress Series will help you: - Delve deep into Purpose - Why does your business exist and does it connect with your passion - Discover if your company is in line with your values - Create a vision that benefits you... and make it BGI! - Identify your USP with the guidance of one of the world's best marketing speakers - Create a first class reputation... do you know yours and how you protect it? - Plan your strategy! In all areas of your business, not just the bits you are good at. - Learn how to measure success... and foresee problems before they happen - Hold yourself accountable, the biggest reason why business owners fail Download 5 hours of video content from 7 experts, who are titans in their fields of business, and watch it in the comfort of your office or home. After watching this training resource you will have your Business Strategy on a Page and you will have insider expert knowledge which you can implement straight away!

Price: £97.00 + vat
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Business Growth Academy

For many of you who have watched the complimentary training series and are raring to go with Strategy on a Page, we have created the Business Growth Academy for you so that you can achieve your goals quicker! This package involves resources designed in a way that you can engage in training on your commute to work, keep yourself accountable via your laptop/tablet, read the book in your planning time and watch the dvd's at your leisure. The main resource that you can only access via the package is the Online Course which covers in depth training on every area of the page. We have discounted the price of all of the products listed on this page & have added some bonus items, including; a case study book and bonus gifts from experts.   As a Business Growth Academy member you receive:

  • Audio BGI Strategy on a Page Book
  • BGI Strategy on a page eBook
  • Super Congress Video footage
  • BGI Strategy on a Page Online training course
  • 1 year of BGI Strategy on a Page App (1 page)
  • A3 BGI Strategy on a Page worksheet & workbook
  • Bonus gifts from experts in marketing, sales & finance

£997 + vat
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100% Growth Strategy Retreat

An opportunity to work ON your business, accompanied by insight from an intimate group of other likeminded CEOs and entrepreneurs (the maximum group number is 12). Investing 3 days strategically planning the next 1-3 years for your business, saves you time and money by avoiding the costly mistakes or blind spots in your business that you are not aware of. This results in achieving increased focus and confidence, as you acquire a clear roadmap of where you are going, along with a plan of action that states exactly how you are going to get there and who is going to do what! We will focus on every area of your business including; Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Team. This enables you to walk away with a practical strategy clearly mapped on one page of A4, with tangible targets and key actions aligned with your ultimate purpose.

Price: £4000
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