Surviving Everest during the Nepal Earthquake (Pembs TV Interview)

In April 2015 I set out to climb Everest, something that I had been planning for 10 years, however like many things ‘man plans and God laughs’.

As I am sure you are aware, while I was at Advanced Base Camp on Everest, the devastating earthquake struck Nepal creating avalanches on the mountain, killing thousands.

Many of you have been asking for the REAL story around Everest – the reality of being in the centre of one of the biggest natural disasters, the emotions, the decisions & the aftermath.

Well here it is … the real scoop in my interview with Pembs TV.

I set out on this adventure to raise money for Community Action Nepal… now they need it more than ever, so please donate what you can to support them here (our sponsors are matching every pound donated to help raise as much money as possible).


Awesome story, Deri. Just so glad you are OK. An experience of a lifetime. Thanks for taking the time to let us know what it was actually like. Sending a great big hug.

Thanks for sharing your inspiration Deri, very humbling.


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