Who’s doing the heavy lifting in your business?

When I recorded the video for this blog we were trekking from Basecamp to Advance Basecamp. In the video you can see a bit of snow coming in and hopefully you can see behind me yaks as they were our heavy lifters on the mountain. We were kind of acclimatising at Basecamp and were at around 5200 metres making the push up slowly, acclimatising everyday up the mountain… and we wouldn’t have made it without our team!

I realise that the Sherpa teams and the yaks do the work for us, it’s all about teamwork. We had such an amazing team, amazing guides (some of the most experienced guides in the world) top climbing team, the best Sherpa’s, even down to the yaks. We had a 1000 metre ascent to follow in two days, from 5200 metres to over 6200 metres; that’s a brutal ascent for anybody, and those yaks helped us out. Without the yaks, we could get those bags up the mountain ourselves, but it would be very hard work.


That’s what business is like: if you have the right people around you to do the heavy lifting, to do the jobs that you’re not really good at, the jobs that you hate, the jobs that – to be frank – someone is just way better at doing than you, it makes the journey a hell of a lot better along the way.

Just look around you, see if you’re doing a lot of heavy lifting in the business yourself right now. It’s usually in operations and finance by the way, that’s often where you need to dial in the most, get the heavy lifting done in there, get those dialled in and you’re building the right business!

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