Entrepreneurs… the warriors of freedom

Entrepreneurs… the warriors of independence & freedom!

When I filmed the video for this blog I was on the Great Wall of China dressed up as a Chinese warrior (the crazy shit I get up to for a bit of a gag). As I felt the need to send out a dedication to all of the entrepreneurs I have been blessed to work with and the new generation coming through.

When I looked at the outfits it made me think ‘Entrepreneurship is what the ultimate warrior is all about, it’s what the entrepreneurial dream is all about, we are being warriors & fighting for freedom!’

My mission is to support you all as best as I can with the resources, guidance & support … as I’ve been there & have the battle scars… from bankruptcy to multi million pound deals and If only I knew then what I know now!

If any one that tells you being an entrepreneur is easy and that you can get rich by next Tuesday, you should run a mile from them, however having a mentor to highlight your blindspots (mainly in finance & people) & following proven methodologies of growth… it can be a very exciting & profitable journey!


Being an entrepreneur is about being a warrior and getting through the tough times. It is about elevating yourself higher so that when the dark times come you can get through.

This video goes out to all my clients, I love you all, you’re all warriors in your own way and I am proud of all of you.

This is also dedicated to my mentor Bo Eason, and the warrior masterminders.  From me, the Chinese warrior, to entrepreneurs everywhere, I honour you!

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