What makes you different?

The question I have for you today is what makes you different? What’s your little bit of special? Where are you going against the crowd and where are you being disruptive? It’s this that is going to give you the reward.

When I recorded the video for this blog I was slightly out of breath as we were 5000 meters up Everest and had just done an acclimatization climb. We knew the route we were taking but that day we decided to go a different way and climb a direction up the mountain that not even our Sherpa’s have done. I like doing things like this – I like to climb the unbeaten path! We were rewarded for this with the most amazing view of Everest, it was a side of the mountain that I had never seen and only got to see because we had climbed a different route.


This is what you get if you take a different route and have something different about you. You can copy business models and plans, go to mentors that have been there and done that but you need your own spark/bit of magic – something that is just you.

This was part of our trip, that bit of magic experienced by climbing up a different side of the mountain and seeing a view few people have seen, it was just so special and is what happens when you differentiate yourself and go against the crowd.

So, think about it, what are you doing that makes you different, that makes you unique, what is your USP in the market space?



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