What’s your big adventure?

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do or achieve?  Have you set yourself a big challenge, adventure or stretch?  Many of us have childhood dreams but how many of us actually achieve them, or have a strategy or lifestyle that enables us to?

When I filmed this blog we were just under ten weeks out from our expedition to Everest, which has been a dream for me since I was a child.   When I was around 8 years old, I used to look at the people who climbed Everest and think that they were hero’s and dreamt that one day, I would be able to do it too.

Two decades on and the dream has turned from just that, to a vision and a reality. There is a very big difference between a vision and a dream; to me dreams are something you have when you go to bed! Visions are a way of taking these dreams and putting a plan in place, to turn them into reality.

Sometimes BIG adventures take a lot of planning before you achieve them… can you believe I started ‘planning’ for Everest 10 years ago! The serious planning stages have been five years in the making; and this year it got really brutal, focused and specific. The last ten weeks running up to the event are really about the specifics, the details and the strategy. It’s pretty serious stuff and if you forget anything, it stops the expedition as you can’t go onto the mountain. However, It’s all coming together to create an epic British exhibition attempt this year and we are attempting to break the Guinness World Record attempt of the highest ever dinner party!  Check out more here http://everestdinner.weebly.com.

When it comes to your big adventure, I want you to think about what your dream is right now and what you need to do to turn it into reality. What are the specifics?  How do you turn those visions into plans, and those plans into reality?

You might not need 10 years of planning, but you at least need a roadmap & benchmarks to know you are on track.  List why you want to achieve this goal & also list what is holding you back to have not achieved it so far.  Then take each of those objections, and work out a strategy to overcome them – what resources do you need?  Who can support you?  Who could mentor you through the process who has done it before?

That’s how adventures work, they starts with a dream and the trick is not to keep it there. So please, think about it and let’s help you turn your dreams and visions into reality. Who knows anything is possible, for me it’s Everest – what is it for you?  I’d love to hear about it, so please tell me what you are aiming for & what you need to help you achieve it!




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