How do you make really tough decisions?

Where do you go when you have to make the really tough decisions? If you had to make a life changing decision, what would you do?

When I recorded this blog I was standing at 6400 metres at probably one of the most brutal times in the history of Everest. We had experienced earthquakes and been told the news that there has been a lot of deaths on the South Side of the mountain. It was a tough time, with tough decisions to be made, and my team had just left the mountain (or the majority of them).

In the video behind me you can see a ceremonial post, which is what’s called a puja, which is what the Sherpa’s do. A Sherpa will not climb this mountain without doing a puja it is their religious, spiritual thing. We got to take part in that puja which was just incredible. That still didn’t mean whether we were going to go up the mountain or not, that was in the hands of a lot of politics and a whether there was any further earthquakes, but it was quite humbling, incredibly spiritual and nice to see during times like the earthquake the Sherpa’s still go back to their source, go to their puja and connect back in. It was a very spiritual moment for me yesterday too.

I want you to think about that. I always go back to source; I actually do it through meditations, and throughout all of my adventures. Whenever I need to make a really tough call or make a life changing decision I go there. My gut is very rarely wrong by the way, my head usually is!

So what I want you to think about, if you don’t have a ritual, go find one because you’re going to have tough decisions if you’re pushing it in life, if you’re pushing it in business, they’re going to be coming and you’re going to need a place to go to, a ritual to go to where you can go “Ok, let me check this one back in”.

We had some tough times on Everest, and had some big decisions to make, having our own rituals and place we could go to think through these was essential – where do you go when you have to make your touch decisions?

SS Where do you go


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